It’s been a few years since giallo film master Dario Argento’s latest film. However, it looks like he has an exciting upcoming cinematic project up his sleeve.

Announced a few months ago, his new film feature, ‘Occhiali Neri’ (‘Black Glasses’), will see the Italian director reunited professionally with his daughter, Asia Argento, who will take on a leading role in her father’s project. The pair last collaborated on ‘Dracula 3D’ (2018).

In an interview with Repubblica, the director revealed, ‘It will be my return to crime films, so I don’t want to anticipate too much. It is the adventure, in nocturnal Rome, of a Chinese girl and child. In the second part, the escape takes them into the rocky, bushy Lazio countryside. Different from the sweetness of the Tuscan valleys, but beautiful to me. I had to shoot in May, [but] maybe [the shooting] will start in September. We spend afternoons with the director of photography Luciano Tovoli discussing colors and atmospheres.’


The surprising bit of the announcement, however, comes in his choice to collaborate on the soundtrack with the French electronic duo Daft Punk.

This comes as exciting news for Daft Punk fans around the world, as the band doesn’t release new material very often. Their last full-length album, ‘Random Access Memories’, was released in 2013. Before that, they released ‘Human After All’ in 2005.

Argento commented, ‘They are my admirers, they know all my cinema. From French friends they learned that I was shooting a new film and they called me: “We want to work with you”. […] ‘we will soon send you the first tracks’, they are enthusiastic. They will come to Rome as soon as they can.’

This is not, however, Daft Punk’s first exploration into the world of film scoring, the duo having scored ‘Trone: Legacy’ back in 2010.

Given the current global situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it is unclear at this time whether shooting will indeed commence in September. One thing is certain though: Daft Punk are keeping busy crafting their score remotely.